Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quit Bitchin'

So I have been kind of a debbie downer lately. I think it is a mix of cool new things being so close yet still out of reach. I need some patience and probably some more wine in my life. While I wait for this long-stemmed glass to perform the always faithful magic trick of picking me up, here is a list of things that make me smile recently...

1. Today while in line at the store, Eldon proudly proclaimed to the cashier "I farted!"

2. Race season starts tomorrow. (Technically next weekend.) There is something about the smell of burnt rubber mixed with cheap beer that just feels like summer.

 3. I am actually making significant progress with my two charity projects I am working on and was recently inspired to take a leap and start my own foundation. Wish me luck!

4. I just shopped Easter clearance and got the goodie bags filled for Eldon's "upcoming" (July) Birthday Party for next to nothing. Best find? Mini magic 8-balls...a pack of 4 for 50 CENTS! The price is not only exciting because it is two quarters. Every time I get a crazy deal on something, I make Nate guess how much I got it for. Even if it was a new car, he would guess "50 cents" just so I HAD to say "higher." Not this time, sucker!

5. I also got myself a pack of Reese's eggs...and ate two already.

6. Tomorrow is date night...oh the possibilities.

7. May is just a month of goodness for us (me). Mother's Day, my Birthday, and the first camping trip of the year always come around in May. This year is extra special, as May 12 is also Emerson's due date. While we are still and forever will be missing him, I am looking forward to setting his ashes free to rest among one of our favorite places.

8. Watching Nate and Eldon play. Enough said.

9. This wine now.

10. The big goofy hats worn at the royal wedding. Oh jeez I love the hats. Why is that NOT American custom?

11. Cleared clutter and took a carload of old stuff over to Grandma's house for the garage sale. I can almost breathe in this house again!

12. Starbucks double shot on ice with  no classic and 2 scoops of vanilla bean.

13. Our new toaster oven. It's totally rockin' my recipe world.

14. Garage Sale season! Farmer's Market! (Including the new one that is going to be at the old drive in movie theatre in Columbia Falls!)

15. A Husband waiting for me to come to bed...Good Night!

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