Friday, April 15, 2011

Events & Deals- April 16th

The internet Gods just blessed with me a surprise connection. I spent over an hour on the phone today with our wireless provider's tech support, clicking on ten million things to no avail. They eventually told me that the router we just purchased is a dud and I had plans on taking it in tomorrow morning for a new one.
After putting Eldon to sleep at 7:30, I was bored enough to attempt troubleshooting alone and would you look at that? I am a genius. Who needs tech support?
I figured I better do something productive with this sweet little surprise so here is some cool stuff going on tomorrow as well as some kickass deals. You may want to get your coffee ready (or just stop by Montana Coffee Traders on the way...even better) because there is alot going down tomorrow, starting bright and early. Yes, 9am is bright and early for us on Saturdays.


Kalispell Farmers Market-Yes! Finally! Starts at 9am in the mall parking lot. I better leave there with some bacon.

Child Safety Fair- At the fairgrounds, starts at 9am as well.

Indoor Rummage Sale- to benefit the West Valley Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Starts at 8am at 2399 Whitefish Stage Rd. GREAT CAUSE!

(on a side note, my family is currently collecting donations for a rummage sale to help fund an uncle's kidney transplant. He just lost his insurance coverage and is pretty much next in line. If you have anything to donate, shoot me an email at Thanks!)

Whitefish Gear Swap- at 3rd and Central. Buy or trade gear such as skis, skates, climbing gear, golf clubs, bikes, and much much more! Starts at 9am and I would get there then before all of the good stuff is gone!

Montanas Noxious Weeds Workshop- at Lonepine State Park. 1:00pm. I'm sure the cool folks at LP can make even a talk about noxious weeds fun. It IS free!

Walmart (I loathe Walmart. I will never feature anything from them unless it is absolutely free. We choose not to shop there for ethical reasons and in an effort to support our local businesses) is offering free Easter photos tomorrow and Sunday.


Soucie and Soucie Salon always has something awesome going on. Like them on Facebook to keep up.  They often list "one-day" specials that are so worth it.
Right now they have 2 things I totally ADORE:
1. Feather extensions for $8.00 each
2. A "Princess Package." where for only $99.00, you can choose three of the following:
         *spa pedicure
         *spa manicure
         *signature facial
         *1 hr. massage
         *haircute and style
Sounds amazing, right? I don't have the details for how long that package is being offered.

Home Decor:
The Real Deal Store in Kalispell is offering 15% off of your favorite item and 25% off of all Easter decor. They are only open on Thursdays and Saturdays so you must go in tomorrow to get the deal. If you haven't been there before, tomorrow is a great day to check it out because I heard a rumor they are also serving ice cream. You will fall in love with EVERYTHING in that store.

Food/ Grocery:
Super 1 always seems to be where it's at. I picked the items featured in their ad that I thought were the cheapest compared to the normal dollar amount.
*green or red leaf lettuce- .68 cents each
*pirates booty (Eldon's favorite)- $1.98 each
*yellow or zucchini squash- .98 cents/lb
*organic green onions-.58 cents each
*daffodils by the bunch (10 ct.) $1.98 each. (When I was there the other day they also had tulips, which I bought for myself. So worth the 2 bucks.)

Mountain Valley foods-While I dont have na ad for tese guys in front of me at the moment, I was just in there yesterday and noticed they had some great sales going on.

Albertsons has tillamook yogurt right now for .44 cents each. That's a steal. While you are there, please fill out a request form for certified humane eggs!

That's all I have for now. Like "It's a Flathead Thing" on Facebook. I tend to post last minute deals there when I hear about them.

Happy Weekend!

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