Friday, March 11, 2011

Cabin Fever? Take Art in Daily Doses

Mother Nature has been a tease.  Flashing us with sneak peaks of sun as if more than a short glimpse will send us all into shock.  (In all fairness, it probably would.)  Our household has been hit with Spring Fever, and I know we are in good company.

With temperatures in the 40-50 range (I heard a radio news broadcaster refer to it as a heat wave....without giggling) melting snow and ice have brought an element of danger to outdoor winter activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing.  There are still some safe places to ride, but before heading out, check out the current avalanche warnings here.
 I have also seen some dedicated fisherman brave the weak ice but you won't find me out there this time of year!  Of course, there's also still Big Mountain (yes, I still call it that) until April 10th.  According to their Snow Report, there's still lots of fun to be had for skiers and snowboarders.

But with opportunities for snowsports dwindling and Summer still further away than I care to admit, I have found that art has been the "chicken soup" type cure on the days when we just want to be indoors.  I have also learned that spending the day inside does not have to mean spending the day at home.
Aside from the crafts that Eldon and I occupy ourselves with at home, there are many other outlets in The Valley that not only serve to strengthen that creative bone, but also the part of every human being that craves social interaction.  Just attending a few events lately has left me feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired.  I am nowhere close to being an "artist" (If you are, you should join this FB Group for artists in The Canyon area) but I get a certain high when I satisfy that urge to just create.

Have an "urge" of your own? Satisfy it here:

Stumptown Art Studio - These guys are a non-profit who offer a wonderful variety of classes ranging from "Mommy and Me" to felting. They also have a great selection of paint-your-own-ceramics pieces, glass fusion, and mosaics.
They are a bit spendy (I just painted a jumbo coffee mug for $18.00) but in my opinion, totally worth it when you keep in mind that they are a non-profit and also that you are not cleaning up any messes afterwards.
FVCC non-credit courses- Check out the upcoming art classes at Flathead Valley Community College. (I was surprised by the low class costs.)
My favorite Scrapbook Store- (Also known as Priceless Scrapbooks) has workshops for beginners and some other cool events.  This is the huge store on HWY 40 between Columbia Falls and Whitefish. 

For the Wee Little Montanan

Hockaday Museum of Art- Along with a variety of other classes, Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell offers preschool art time on Tuesdays from 11:30-12:00.  Cost is $3.00 for nonmembers.  We haven't test-driven the preschool class yet but plan on checking it out soon.
Stumptown Art Studio (again)- Classes for kids of all ages.  So far we have only been to Mommy and Me (or Daddy and Me) art class on Thursday mornings at 10:30.  The cost is $10.00 for walk-ins or $25.00 to sign up for three at once.  Eldon has left with homemade thermometers, wooden painted maracas, mardi gras masks covered in dried pasta and feathers and a few other cool things that are proudly displayed on his bulletin board. Love this place!
Lone Pine Visitor Center (sorry-no link) has a nature based "craft corner" for kids at 11:00am on Saturday mornings until March 19th. 

And don't forget about Home Depot, who offers a free workshop for kids of all ages on the first Saturday of every Month. 

Please let me know if you have another artsy outlet to share at


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